Cooling the Climate Apocalypse

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This landscape, which evokes an apocalyptic world, is inspired by the extreme climate of the planet Venus, whose atmosphere is composed of dense clouds of carbon dioxide, thus causing a runaway greenhouse effect that raises the planet's temperatures to almost 500 degrees C.

This climate apocalypse is a serigraph printed on acid-free paper using high-temperature ink and a new CO2 Black created from carbon dioxide emissions.

Lumenoscope, a pictorial virtual reality technology, transforms this world of extreme climate into glacial formations, converts the negative colors to positive, turning CO2 Black into glacial white.

Dimensions are 5.9 x 4.3 in - 15 x 11 cm

The Lumenoscope app is available on the App Store here

Product Maker: Luis Merchan

Carbontech: Carbon Upcycling Technologies