About Expedition Air

Expedition Air was founded on the idea that our planet is worth fighting for. We believe that everything we interact with should enable a lower carbon future. Each year, 36 billion tons of greenhouse pollution enters our atmosphere. Each day, we get closer to hitting the point where the impacts of climate change are irreversible. We are dedicated to empowering people to act on climate change.


Our Vision

What if every product you interacted with was a carbon sink, making our world just that much safer? Imagine shopping for a basketball for your niece's birthday or a confidence boosting dress-shirt for that dream job you just got, and upon checking the tag, you find that it is made from carbon dioxide. We're not so far from that reality.

We truly believe that we need to view carbon dioxide as a resource with which we can create incredible products. To do this, we partner with companies to integrate carbon dioxide derived materials into their supply chains — we envision a world where circular economy strategies are the new status quo.

At Expedition Air, our goal is to fundamentally change the way people perceive the world around them. We're turning the carbon emission problem on its head.

Making low-carbon materials accessible to all supply chains allows and empowers consumers to use their buying power to enforce the need for products made from carbon dioxide that help rather than hinder our planet.

To advance our efforts, we're asking that you demand more of the products your purchase. Consumers, corporations, builders, developers, engineers, artists, tradespeople, and consultants can act against climate change by partnering with Expedition Air.


Our Values

Action: Empowering consumers to act on climate change
Alliance: Enabling collaborative efforts to effectively mitigate climate change
Accessibility: Making carbon-derived technologies available to individuals