Air Art

We understand the important role that art plays in portraying the magnitude of the world's largest problems. Art has the power to connect people across the world by overcoming geographic, cultural, and linguistic bounds. Expedition Air is dedicated to collaborating with artists to showcase the Carbon Capture and Utilization industry. Artists we engage with use carbon dioxide derived materials as an art medium.

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Expedition Air Artist in Residence

Each year we run an Artist in Residence program where we support an artist in their exploration of the materials produced from our technology partners. 

Annalee Levin was our first Artist in Residence. Through our program, she not only produced incredible art but also launched her own business: Captured Carbon Studio. Captured Carbon Studio was created as a space to explore captured carbon as an art medium and an avenue through which to educate the public about climate change and how we can work toward reversing it. Annalee studied embroidery and used CO2-derived materials to create unique textile pieces. Some of these are now used in clothing.



Annalee describes her time as our Artist of Residence: “It was a dream to work with Expedition Air and use Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ materials in this project. My goal with Captured Carbon Studio has been to create artwork and consumer products to help educate the general public about carbon capture and the ways in which upcycled CO2 emissions can be used for our benefit. Two of my products, a set of crayons and a palette of watercolors, were designed to excite the imagination of the user by giving them the direct experience of creating something artistic out of CO2."


Artist Collaborations

In addition to the Artist in Residence program, we support the work of other artists. This includes Luis Merchan, who developed paint called Carbon Dioxide Black. With this paint, he created paintings in negative color which need to be viewed with a filter to change the image to positive color. See his art process in action here.

He created a limited 9 part series called Cooling the Climate Apocalypse. Each painting is an original and explores landscapes of mountains, rocks, sky, land, trees, oceans, waterfalls, rivers, and more. The paintings were imagined using an artificial intelligence program and are inspired by global landmarks declared as World Heritage Sites. The scenes were reimagined by an artificial intelligence trained with more than 12,000 photographs of natural places declared as World Heritage Sites.

These landscapes, that evoke a climate apocalypse, are painted using high-temperature colors and a new paint created from carbon dioxide emissions. They are transformed by his app, Lumenoscope, into surreal landscapes of glacial formations. Lumenoscope, a virtual reality technology, converts the negative colors to positive, turning Carbon Dioxide Black into glacial white.