Carbon Offsets

It's important to know how much our actions cost the Earth. Your carbon footprint is the total of the emissions created from your daily living, your adventures, and your biggest moments. Through these carbon offset packages, we’ve partnered with Avanii to facilitate the purchase of carbon credits that offset your footprint. 

A carbon offset, also known as a carbon credit, is paying for a project that sequesters or reduces carbon dioxide emissions to cover the amount you emit. It costs approximately US$15 to offset 1 ton of carbon dioxide emission. Each activity has a carbon emission value associate with it and we can proportionally cover the emissions from that activity. 

This is what happens when you purchase a carbon offset package from Expedition Air:

Step 1

You purchase a carbon offset package from Expedition Air

Step 2

Expedition Air transfers your purchase order and funding to Avanii, a carbon offset broker

Step 3

Avanii distributes the funding to projects that sequester carbon dioxide and are approved by Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. This includes funding for:

  • 20 MW Solar Projects
  • Carbontech
  • Afforestation Projects
  • Fuel Efficient Stoves


For example, driving to work every day releases an average of 5 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. There are projects in need of funding that can sequester or reduce 5 tons of carbon dioxide. So we can fund that project on your behalf to offset the negative impact of driving to work every day.

You can shop our carbon offset packages here.