Sustainability and Impact

In a world where climate change induced natural disasters are becoming more prevalent and climate anxiety is prominent, it's important to know what our options are to mitigate as much damage as possible. 

At Expedition Air, we believe that mitigating the climate crisis will require both natural solutions as well as industrial solutions. Our expertise is in the Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) industry. The goal of the CCU industry is to create valuable products from carbon dioxide. Technologies in the CCU industry are diverse, and we're happy to report that the industry is growing. 

 Direct air capture facility in Canada. Credit: Carbon Engineering


Although the products sold on our site are made from carbon dioxide and are significantly less carbon intensive than their conventional counterparts, there are still carbon emissions associated with them, which may include raw materials used in the items, shipping, packaging, and electricity used in manufacturing. 

Expedition Air is dedicated to ensuring that the products we sell are net negative. Therefore, we have purchased carbon offsets to cover the emissions from product materials, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. This means that the overall carbon footprint of each product does not contribute carbon emissions to the atmosphere, and you will still receive a product that is made from carbon dioxide!