Expedition Air started as the consumer product division of Carbon Upcycling Technologies. Using their carbon utilization technology, we created products that incorporated carbon dioxide. 

We started this line of products to raise awareness for the Carbon Capture and Utilization industry as well as to demonstrate Carbon Upcycling Technologies' materials in various end-products. Carbon Upcycling Technologies has four materials that we worked with to create consumer products:



The carbon utilization technology to produce these materials is novel as it sequesters gaseous carbon dioxide into solid powders through a single step process. The powders are then used in many industries, such as concrete, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and even solar panels. Below is a video of one of their reactors at work and you can learn more about their technology here.



Expedition Air collaborates with companies that manufacture material from carbon dioxide to provide a comprehensive suite of enhanced raw materials to incorporate into consumer facing products. There are over 250 carbon capture and utilization companies across the world that are working to avoid the dangerous impact of carbon emissions. From watches to pens to yoga mats, there is no limit to how carbon dioxide derived materials can be implemented. 

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