CO2 Negative Painting and NFT (digital artwork) 1

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Each physical painting of this series includes a Carbon Removal Digital Mechanism minted on a marketplace as an NFT (digital artwork). Thus, collectors must purchase the NFT to receive the original physical painting.

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With paint that has embedded carbon dioxide, Luis Merchan creates paintings in negative color, which need to be viewed through a filter to change the image to positive color. This filter is available on a mobile app called Lumenoscope. The paintings really put a spin on the term Carbon Negative!

Using the transition of these paintings from negative to positive colors, Luis Merchan creates digital artworks (NFTs) as Carbon Removal Digital Mechanisms that turn apocalyptic extreme climates with high concentrations of CO2 into worlds of ice with the majestic white of glaciers, inspired by global landscapes declared as World Heritage Sites, composed by mountains, rocks, land, trees, oceans, waterfalls, rivers, and more; traveling in time to pre-industrial atmospheres, showing temperature changes in color and using scientific data about climate change.

It is a way of dreaming about carbon capture and removal as a powerful solution to balance atmospheric CO2, and of imagining a low-carbon future supported by emerging technologies. It is a reflection of the two sides of carbon dioxide: a positive, sustaining life on Earth, and a negative, exacerbating the risk of extinction.

Dimensions are 9 x 12 in - 22.9 x 30.5 cm

The Lumenoscope app is available on the App Store here

Product Maker: Luis Merchan

Carbontech: Carbon Upcycling Technologies