Negative Painting: Ice on Fire 3

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With paint that has embedded carbon dioxide, Luis Merchan creates paintings in negative color which need to be viewed with a filter to change the image to positive color. The paintings really put a spin on the term Carbon Negative!

The paintings are part of a limited 9 part series called Cooling the Climate Apocalypse. Each painting is an original. They explore landscapes of mountains, rocks, sky, land, trees, oceans, waterfalls, rivers, and more. The paintings were imagined using an artificial intelligence program and are inspired by global landmarks declared as World Heritage Sites.

These landscapes, that evoke a climate apocalypse, are painted using high-temperature colors and a new CO2 Black created from carbon dioxide emissions. They are transformed by Lumenoscope into surreal landscapes of glacial formations. In these works, Lumenoscope, a virtual reality technology, converts the negative colors to positive, turning CO2 Black into glacial white.

Previously, these scenarios were reimagined by an artificial intelligence trained with more than 12,000 photographs of natural places declared as World Heritage Sites.

Dimensions are 9 x 12 in - 22.9 x 30.5 cm

The Lumenoscope app is available on the App Store here

Product Maker: Luis Merchan

Carbontech: Carbon Upcycling Technologies